Vintage Decals, hard to find light fixtures, exterior lights, and lenses.

I have been making and restoring parts for my own restorations since 2003 and in last few years I have been refurbishing or making replacement parts for folks I've met at rallies. I specialize in difficult to find small parts and accessories for travel trailers from the 30s through 60s. The parts I have in stock are refurbished originals or reproductions made from originals that seem difficult or impossible to find. I have not had time to develop a more extensive website so my on-line inventory is currently very small but please email me if you are looking for a specific item. My turn around time is generally ten days to two weeks.

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My past experience in molding and casting began as a  designer for Fernbank Science Center Museum in Atlanta in the mid1970s. My forte was molding and casting amphibians, reptiles, and fish. I subsequently taught design for over thirty five years retiring recently from the University of Georgia to devote my time to making parts and restoring trailers.

I have been restoring trailers part time since 2002 and in that process needed lenses and parts for my Casita, Wally Byam Holidays, Airstreams and other trailers which I simply could not find. I began helping other vintage trailer enthusiasts I met at rallies by casting lenses and fixtures for their trailers as well. I have made exterior lights for several trailers including the Spartan and the Vagabond which included the hard to find corn cob lens for the exterior door fixture.

In addition  to the lenses needed on several of the older Bargman lights I have also made replicas of the fixtures as well. The Bargman tail light and tag light fixtures were used on numerous trailer brands including the Shasta, Scotty, and Va Ka Shun-Ette, and rarer Schult, Palace, and Alma trailers.  If you have a part you would like me to consider please email me at:

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