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Over 150 brands both common and well known to extremely rare. With my over 45 years of design experience, I can reproduce custom decals to match or improve original designs at the highest level of detail available. Incomparable quality and service.



Most trailers either had an emblem or a decal or both. An emblem is a dimensional, raised, or embossed name or image. Most emblems were either molded plastic or cast metal. Decals are flat vinyl, either multiple layers of colored vinyl laminated together or vinyl printed with two or more colors laminated with a clear gloss UV resistant vinyl layer.


At the present time, I do not cast or mold emblems but offer a decal substitution when the original emblem is not available.  Below are emblems I converted to a decal when the original trailer’s emblem was missing or damaged. I’ve attempted to create the illusion that they are dimensional while never-the-less a flat decal. Click an image below to see the new decal.

A word of caution! Exterior decals are designed to be applied over hard gloss surfaces and may not adhere well over latex house paint.

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